Fap Shout

Now you can get credit for all of the models you fap to and your favorite model benefits too!

It's called Fap Shout and it is a new way for fans to connect online with their favorite adult entertainers!

Sending a Fap Shout helps your favorite model in the standings for titles and prizes! You can accumulate your sent Fap Shouts over time to earn badges when you accomplish one of the following tasks:
1.) Loyalty Badge when you send your 5th Fap Shout to the same model!
2.) Stud Badge when you have sent a Fap Shout to 10 different models!
3.) Stallion Badge when you have sent 5 or more Fap Shouts to 5 different models each!
4.) Legends Badge when you send your 50th Fap Shout!

Each Fap Shout includes 2,000 SMC Points for your model & you receive 2 SMC Raffle Tickets!

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Fap Shout

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